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jjamz mentioned in james valentine interview

are you all interested in JJAMZ news when it comes up? there usually isn't much anyway, but if anyone wants to stay up to date I can post things!

SoundSpike: Are you still at home?
James Valentine: Yes. Actually, I'm in my car but I am in Los Angeles. I'm driving to a recording studio where I'm working on a record with my side project called JJAMZ [Jason Boesel, Valentine, Alex Greenwald, Michael Runion and Z Berg], which I come in and work on when Maroon 5's not doing stuff when Adam's off doing "The Voice."

What can you tell me about the project?
It's cool. It's different. We have this great singer Z Berg. Her name is Elizabeth but she goes by Z. She was the singer in the band called The Like. There's her and the singer who was previously in a band called Phantom Planet. Our drummer was formerly in a band called Rilo Kiley. We were all friends and we were casually getting together over the last few years when we were all around and working on songs together. We actually have a whole record done now, so we're going to put it out at the end of this year.

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